Mental Health Anthology – For Canadian Youth, By Canadian Youth

Okay, so listen up! For the next little while (read: the next year or so) I will be assembling, editing, printing, and publishing an anthology about mental health and mental illnesses. That’s great, you say, what’s so friggin’ special about it?

This project is going to be written, collected, and edited by Canadians with mental health issues for Canadians (and others) with mental health issues before it reaches publishing houses or independent printers.

The goal of this collection is to give voice to the lived experience of mental health. As someone who has been living with an MI (a mental illness), I want to talk about my experiences so that others can learn from them. I want people like me, and not like me who have lived totally different experiences to have their say and share their stories.

In brief, this anthology will play host to lots of poetry and short stories, as well as original ‘chapter’ illustrations. War Songs and Battle Cries” aims to tell the stories of people before their diagnoses, learning about their illnesses, struggling with their mental health, and daring to survive. This will be a story, ultimately, of hope.

Information will be posted here on my poetry blog, as well as my Tumblr.

If you’d like to contact me regarding this project (you want to submit something, or know someone who would, or just really need to talk to someone about MI issues), please feel free to message me via or with an e-mail to

Many thanks,



for Oliver

your parents may never tell you

but your first three days

you were nameless

you were all at once,

a missionary’s man,

a pensive philosopher,

a great warrior,

the founder of an empire.

in those three days

your fate was yours alone

your destiny unknown

i still believe

you are made for greatness

© christine DINGLEY 2012

Quick excuse for inconsistant poems

There are submission deadlines for poetry mags and lit journals I’d like to submit to fast approaching, so I’ll be composing original work for them and thus not be posting them here. If I do scribble down the odd line or two that doesn’t make it to the submission pile, then I’ll post.

In short: writing stuff for other people. This blog gets the backburner.

Wish me good luck!


christine DINGLEY

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