for Oliver

your parents may never tell you

but your first three days

you were nameless

you were all at once,

a missionary’s man,

a pensive philosopher,

a great warrior,

the founder of an empire.

in those three days

your fate was yours alone

your destiny unknown

i still believe

you are made for greatness

© christine DINGLEY 2012



When do I become more
than the sum of my symptoms?
When do I become more
than a jumble of diagnoses
a tangle of chance alleles
and happenstance chromosomes?

Neurons – Wikipedia – Creative Commons

When do I become more
than the division of cells
more than the product
of nature and nurture?
When do I become more
than the tally of objectives
a list of could-have’s
and should-have-been’s?

When do I become
a person?



© christine DINGLEY 2012