in August

I remember once
you leaning against my chest
between my legs
in October

I dyed your hair
you wanted platinum but
were graced gold
in September

I held you close
it was cold and we were warm
your laughter rich
in the night

I whispered jokes
as we watched the stage
you cheered loudest
in the crowd

I never told you
how my breath fell short
my blood pounding
in my thighs

I gave you gifts
you accepted with joy except
the black triangle
in my heart

I waited for you
because you ran out of fear
(that might not be true
in retrospect)

You gave me
a single kiss and confession
but broke my heart
in August

© christine DINGLEY 2011

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6 thoughts on “in August

  1. I wish I could say something more intelligent than “I really like this poem, I keep re-reading it,” but that’s the limit of my thought process today.

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