Linguistics:                                            [a study of languages]

The                                           He doesn’t believe she will ever know,

language                              but he thinks she just might understand

of you love                             that he sings through her empty pines,

that I can hear                                            dances on her frozen heart

is a mystery                                                         hoping to come across

that is rippling across                                                    all her mystery.

the frozen lake of my heart,                                        He waits to hear

echoing through the empty pines.                                     of her love –

I wonder if I will understand                                                      spoken

but believe I will never really know.                                           words.

(c) christine DINGLEY 2011

previously published in “this book is about you: A Brock University Anthology of Creative Writing

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7 thoughts on “Linguistics

  1. If you are an unremarkable human being with a taste for word-music and kennings, then I defy you to unwrite some really good poems. If you write to keep on living, live and write. You have the talent for both.

    • I don’t think there is much else for me to say other than “thank you”. About a million times. You have no idea how much I cherish this comment. All that I can say is that it brought me smiling salts (ha! more kennings!) and that it has made my week. Thank you.

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